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When shipping documents internationally, every country has its own specific regulations to follow.

This guide will provide key information on document shipping to Iran, including critical regulations, paperwork, and tips for ensuring smooth delivery.

You’ll learn the key restrictions, required forms, shipping options, costs, and best practices for safely sending your documents while maintaining compliance.

Introduction to Document Shipping to Iran

Shipping documents internationally can be complex, and regulations regarding shipments to Iran add further complications. However, with some key knowledge of sanctions, approved carriers, required forms, and prohibited items, document shipping to Iran can be smooth.

Understanding OFAC Regulations and Compliance

The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) administers sanctions programs. While many sanctions against Iran have been lifted following the 2015 nuclear deal, OFAC regulations still restrict trade with Iran in various ways.

It’s vital to understand current OFAC guidelines to ensure compliance when shipping documents to Iran. Key aspects include:

  • Licensing requirements – While certain exports are automatically authorized, other items need specific licenses from OFAC.
  • Approved carriers – Only certain shipping companies are approved for deliveries to Iran under OFAC guidelines.
  • Prohibited items – There are restrictions on shipping various documents, technology, etc. to Iran.

By selecting approved carriers and avoiding prohibited items, document shipping can comply with regulations.

Selecting International Shipping Companies for Iran

Major global shipping companies approved for document deliveries to Iran based on OFAC guidelines include:

  • Globex Logistics International
  • DHL Worldwide Express ( no service provided )
  • FedEx International ( no service provided )
  • UPS Worldwide ( no service provided )

When selecting a carrier, check their Iran shipping web page to confirm delivery services and any specific requirements.

Completing Customs Forms and Shipping Documents

Key paperwork required by Iranian Customs for document shipments includes:

  • Commercial invoice – Details package contents, quantities, values, sender/receiver info, etc.
  • OFAC compliance form – Confirms adherence to U.S. regulations.
  • Other standard forms – Based on carrier requirements.

Accurate customs paperwork helps avoid shipment delays or prohibitions.

Identifying Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items

While documents are generally approved for delivery to Iran, prohibited items include:

  • Technology enabling development of weapons of mass destruction
  • Goods/services contributing to human rights abuses
  • Sensitive information of U.S. origin

Carriers also implement restrictions, so check for any blocked items.

Ensuring Compliance: Key Regulations and Tips

To enable smooth document shipping to Iran:

  • Verify selected carrier offers OFAC-approved delivery services
  • Complete all Iranian customs forms fully and accurately
  • Check for prohibited documents or restricted information
  • Work closely with recipient to ensure import compliance

Following guidelines and carrier/country requirements helps avoid shipment issues. Reaching out to carriers directly with questions can also help navigate document shipping to Iran.

Can I send a document by FedEx?

FedEx offers a variety of options for sending documents internationally. Here are some key things to know:

Service Options

  • FedEx International Priority® – Fast document delivery in 1-3 business days to many major cities
  • FedEx International Economy® – Cost-effective delivery typically in 3-5 business days
  • FedEx International Express Freight® – Time-definite delivery of palletized shipments

Shipping Documents to Iran

  • Documents can not be shipped to Iran via FedEx.
  • Ship with GLOBEX


  • Properly complete all customs paperwork and forms
  • Declare full value of contents to avoid customs delays
  • Pack documents securely in FedEx envelopes and boxes

Tracking & Support

  • Get automated updates on your shipment’s status via tracking
  • Contact Globex customer support with any questions on international shipping

How do I pack documents for shipping?

When shipping important documents internationally, proper packaging is key to ensuring they arrive safely and undamaged. Here are some tips for packing documents for shipping:

Use Protective Envelopes and Packaging

  • Use thick envelopes so documents cannot be read through the packaging
  • Envelopes with a hardback avoid bending
  • Sandwich documents between two pieces of cardboard for protection
  • Bubble wrap and padding if using a box

Waterproof Documents and Labels

  • Place documents in a waterproof pouch or wallet
  • The shipping label should also be waterproof

Seal Packaging Securely

  • Use quality adhesive tape, not just a single piece
  • Tape down all openings and seams
  • Secure flap with tape as well

Label Correctly

  • Include full origin and destination addresses
  • Properly fill out any customs/shipping forms
  • Affix labels securely to avoid damage

Following these best practices for packing documents will help ensure safe delivery to the recipient. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Preparing Documents for International Shipping to Iran

This section will break down the step-by-step process for individuals and businesses to ship documents to Iran in compliance with regulations.

List of Shipping Documents: Gathering and Preparation

When preparing to ship documents internationally, it’s important to gather and organize all necessary paperwork. Here are some tips:

  • Make a checklist of documents needed, such as commercial invoices, certificates of origin, packing lists, etc. Refer to carrier requirements.
  • Ensure no prohibited items are accidentally included, as penalties can be severe.
  • Remove any paperclips, staples, or other loose items that could get lodged in sorting equipment.
  • Arrange documents neatly and clip related pages together with binder clips.
  • Photocopy important documents in case originals are lost or damaged.

Comparing Document Shipping Rates and Options

When shipping documents to Iran, approved carriers include Globex, DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Here’s an overview of shipping options to consider:

  • GLOBEX: Reliable document delivery service offered since 1996.
  • DHL: Service not provided at this time.
  • FedEx International Priority: Service not provided at this time.
  • UPS Worldwide Express: Service not provided at this time.

Use carrier websites or contact sales reps to get accurate quotes based on specifics of your package, destination, and service options.

Completing Required Customs Paperwork

Shipments to Iran require the following customs paperwork:

  • Commercial Invoice: Details package contents and value.
  • OFAC License: Special license from Office of Foreign Assets Control required to comply with trade embargoes.
  • Other Forms: Based on carrier, service level, and shipment contents. Check carrier website for specifics.

Ensure forms are completed accurately to prevent customs delays or penalties for non-compliance.

Packaging Best Practices for Safe Transit

Use proper packaging techniques to protect delicate documents:

  • Place documents in reinforced envelopes or boxes with bubble wrap or foam sheets.
  • Seal packages securely with packing tape and reinforce seams.
  • Label package clearly with destination address and any required shipping labels.
  • Remove or cross out old labels and markings to avoid confusion.

Following best practices reduces chances of damage and speeds processing by customs and carriers.

Track shipments closely and follow up quickly on any exceptions or delays to keep documents moving smoothly to the destination.

Costs and Logistics of Document Shipping to Iran

Understanding GLOBEX Document Shipping Rates

GLOBEX offers competitive rates for international document shipping. On average, rates range from $175-$270 depending on the shipment’s weight and destination. Rates are also impacted by:

  • Size of the documents
  • Delivery speed
  • Additional services like insurance and tracking

To get an accurate rate quote, visit GLOBEX’s website and enter details on your shipment’s origin, destination, dimensions, weight and desired delivery speed.

Transit Times: From Super Express to Economy

Transit times to Iran vary depending on the shipping speed:

  • Super Express: 5 -7 business days
  • Express: 12-14 business days
  • Economy: 19-21 business days

Set reasonable delivery expectations with recipients based on these timeframes. Shipments may be held longer at customs, especially those containing multiple documents.

Steps to Release Documents from Customs

If your documents get stuck in customs, take these steps:

  • Contact the carrier: Ask if they require any additional paperwork to clear customs.
  • Verify restrictions: Confirm the type of documents comply with customs regulations.
  • Provide missing paperwork: If forms are incomplete, swiftly supply corrected versions to customs.
  • Follow up periodically: Check back every few days on the status. Processing can take time.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps for Document Shipping to Iran

Summary of Best Practices and Compliance Strategies

When shipping documents to Iran, it’s important to follow all OFAC regulations to avoid issues. Some best practices include:

  • Using an experienced international shipping company like GLOBEX that specializes in shipping to Iran
  • Completing all required customs forms thoroughly and accurately
  • Providing complete and correct recipient addresses and contact information
  • Tracking your shipment status closely

Following these tips will help ensure your documents successfully reach their destination while remaining compliant.

Choosing the Right International Shipping Partner

When selecting a company for Iran document shipping, look for:

  • Expertise in Middle East logistics and compliance
  • Competitive rates for document shipping
  • Tracking services to monitor shipments
  • Insurance and claims support
  • Strong delivery record and customer service

Companies like GLOBEX meet these criteria and can provide guidance on forms, restrictions, delivery times and more.

Additional Resources for Compliance and Shipping

Useful external sites for learning more include:

  • OFAC website for Iran shipping regulations
  • GLOBEX guide to international shipping services

Reviewing these can help you better understand required procedures before sending your documents.

Final Thoughts on Navigating Document Shipping to Iran

While document shipping to Iran involves complex processes, finding an experienced partner alleviates many frustrations. Do your diligence on restrictions, delivery options, costs and timelines. With informed preparation and an organized approach, you can ship seamlessly while following regulations.

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