March 17, 2022

DHL near me ? When you ask that question, the best answer is; Globex can help me. We make it easy for you to process all of your international shipments through our preferred vendor DHL Express. Our service center in the heart of West Los Angeles offers the best setting to prepare, package, generate relevant documentation to process your DHL shipment to over 220 different countries.

Drop off your returns, let us help you with packaging and labeling, whilst providing you with the best rates. All done effectively and efficiently in our quiet setting. We are focused on you and your needs so please schedule an appointment so that we can dedicate our time to you and your shipment by clicking on the link www.globexship.com/appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you. Don’t forget to ask about our FREE gourmet chicken sandwich promotion with your shipment.

We have been in business for over 28 years serving our Customers with dedication, professionalism and fairness. We look forward to honoring all your valid service requests and providing you with the most exceptional service.