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Express Medication Service To Iran. Customs Cleared And Delivered In 3 to 5 Days.
    We provide reliable, cost effective and efficient transportation services


International Express Document Service

Globex International is one of the most reputable express courier companies. Providing air express transportation of documents and samples to various countries across the world for over 15 years.

International Express Package Service         International Express Medication Service


Whatever the size, or weight of your shipment; we can Customs clear and deliver them to any destination in the world. Our Express medication service is geared towards ensuring a most streamlined transportation of medicines needed by your loved ones around the World. Globex provides you with an express medication service to global destinations, including refrigerated medication, from U.S.A. to other destinations around the world.

           International Freight / Cargo Shipping          On-Line Tracking & Tracing


We provide the most reliable and cost effective booking of Freight / Cargo shipments. Shipments sent through Globex's international / domestic network can be tracked for up to date status. Click here to find out more about Globex Tracking Services.


Logistics Management


Our Logistics division is well positioned to address any supply chain situation, offering the most up to date solutions with an integrated network of warehouses, vehicles, facilities, hardware, software, and additional 3PL, 4PL solutions.

Transportation Management Services :                                Analytical Services :

          Carrier management                                                             Cross Docking reviews
          Mode selection                                                                    Network analysis / design                                
          Freight bill audits                                                                 Process engineering 
          Consolidated shipments                                                       Order Management 
          Vendor management                                                            Site analysis  
          Premium freight reduction                                                     Private fleet analysis 
          Complete supply chain visibility                                             Supply chain engineering
          Private fleet utilization
          Inventory management
          New market distribution